Monday, December 7, 2009

Mount Phousi

One landmark that you cannot fail to miss in LP town is Mount Phousi. Bordered by the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers, this hill is a central point in town. There are (or it feels like there are) about 300 steps up to the top, so it's not really the place to visit in the full heat of the day, but the view from the top is pretty special, especially as it gets towards evening. The journey up is very picturesque and takes you past a number of Buddha images. There is also a temple at the summit.

It's very cute to see all the couples sitting up at the top romantically enjoying the view and waiting for sunset, with only eyes for one another (which is probably for the best, otherwise they would also have to gaze upon the slightly less romantic picture of many red-faced perspiring tourists, suffering somewhat from their climb!! -it's a good keep fit exercise.)

For exercise, for romance, or just for the view, it's a nice place to visit....