Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kouangxi Waterfall

One of the most beautiful places to visit around Luang Prabang is the Kouangxi waterfall. Its about 30 minutes from the centre of town we got a Tuk Tuk there. The first thing we saw when we went inside was the bear sanctuary. Here, bears that are rescued from cruelty get another chance at a happy life.

Further on is the water falls itself. There are a series of smaller pools and waterfalls that a good for swimming and then a very large waterfall that is just spectacular. We climbed all the way to the top and the view was amazing. There are two paths up, on the right of the waterfall is a steep, dirt track and on the left is a wood staircase that we didn't discover until we had already climbed up the dirt track!

After our climb we had a swim in one of the pools. As you can see from the pictures the colour of the water is just amazing. In the pool we swam in, there was a rope swing tied to a tree and it was also possible to jump of the water fall.

Brendan and Anneka