Monday, June 6, 2011

An epic battle

A short time ago the volunteers received a challenge from the Laos teachers at one of the schools where we work. The challenge was to put a round ball into a net more times than the teachers. The prospect of this excited the European volunteers but when they called the game "football" I had to politely point out that the only real football was Rugby.

Having been educated on the fact that other sorts of football existed I joined the volunteers and the teachers at the National Stadium in Luang Prabang and was roped into playing Goal Keeper, mostly so I wouldn't have to run around.

The volunteers managed to field a truly international team, with representatives from England, Spain, America, Germany, Iran and New Zealand. We also took on a couple of local players to even up the numbers.

The game was played in good spirits with great athleticism and skill displayed by both sides but, unfortunately, the GVI teamed went down gallant losers by 4 - 2.

Unfortunately I have no photos to show as I was far too busy making miraculous save after miraculous save to be able to take any. :-)