Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Teachers' Dinner: A Volunteers' treat

The call was sent out...a Teachers’ Dinner at the rice and noodles place with the plastic bag fans...and was responded to with enthusiasm.
Volunteers enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with their Lao teaching partners outside school, while the teachers from various schools had the chance to chat to their rarely-seen counterparts in GVI’s other partner schools.

The poor restaurant staff were greeted by a sudden influx of 22 volunteers, teachers and GVI field staffers....all with different food orders and in need of beverage refreshment, but in typical Lao fashion handled it without fuss or fluster! The fare is simple and oh so good at Luang Prabang’s worst kept secret restaurant, and they coped just fine albeit having to miss parts of the finale of a favourite soap opera/drama on the in-house TV to serve us..although several volunteers and teachers were a little distracted with the plot too!

Volunteers hosted our Lao guests for the night and it was the perfect type of experience in cultural interaction that tourists rarely enjoy. Besides, any excuse for a good noodle dish and a few casual beers over lively conversation always goes down well! Thanks to the fantastic teachers at Sikeud, Xayadeth College, Wat Pasaviet and MEC, without whom GVI volunteers would certainly be at a loss.