Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lao's love their food!

It seems there’s always something going on here in Luang Prabang on the project that involves food! That’s because sharing food and eating together is such a quintessential part of Lao culture. Last night volunteers were treated to a banquet...a feast fit for kings! The Director of Sikeud School prepared the sumptuous dishes herself....everything ranging from fried rice, to laap (a traditional Lao dish made from shredded meat and delicious herbs and spice), noodle soup, steamed vegies in a tasty broth and, of course, sticky rice.

To add to the festivities, we had a karaoke machine with both Lao and Western songs and teachers and volunteers alike all danced in Lao style...or something resembling Lao dancing! Two particularly musically gifted volunteers tuned an old guitar and sang a ditty for us all to join in. What fun!

Of course a few Beer Lao were enjoyed with frequent ‘cheers’-ing (‘tham jok’ in Lao), much laughter was shared and a sad farewell to both volunteers leaving us this week and also a Sikeud teacher who is heading back to Vientianne for now. Nevertheless, safe to say a good evening was had by all, and GVI are so grateful to Sikeud’s Director, Miss Seng, and teachers for their generous hospitality!