Monday, November 14, 2011

What do you do with a talent like Maria?

All volunteers come with talents, some which can be put to practical use, some which influence their teaching style and stories they tell.  But Maria, an 18 year old German lass visiting us in Luang Prabang for 6 weeks has a very special talent well surpassing her years, which impressed the pants of us all! 

First Maria just started sketching in her notebook – everyday scenes, the people and places around town and on the project.  Then she was asked to draw a poster for a lesson on ‘Describing People’, and all we could say was ‘Wow!’  It was incredible, and will certainly be one for laminating to keep in the Resource Room. 

Tricia, the Project Manager, was also keen to have Maria work with novices at our temple schools doing art.  Being a novice in the temples gives disadvantaged young boys many opportunities for education, and Tricia believed that this gift of Maria’s may translate to be another avenue they could follow for those interested or found they have an aptitude for sketching and drawing. 

The project is always evolving.  In the field it’s very dynamic and we are forever on the lookout for ways to incorporate skills and opportunities for the community, and for volunteers.  So check out Maria’s work....I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as we are!