Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Games Night...woo hoo!!

Everybody loves Twister!

When volunteer Pauline brought a Twister board with her as a donation to Laos, GVI staff jumped on the chance to host a games night for volunteers and friends of GVI.  Field Staff Sam reserved the deck at Utopia for volunteers (a VIP Booking apparently!) and set up Games Stations for everyone to enjoy.  We kicked off with a hilarious game of Twister (well away from the edge of the deck – H&S a priority afterall and a fall off the side into the Nam Khan River not good!), then moving on to Celebrity Head, Dirty Chinese Whispers, Giant Jenga, Truth and Lies, I went to Phousi Market and Charades. 

Volunteers were joined by GVI staff, some of our Lao teaching partners, and Lao friends for a night of competition and gaming rivalry and loads of laughs.  We all enjoyed tasty food and some Beer Lao to help proceedings along after a long week of teaching.  

C'mon guys!  How can you not guess?

Giant Jenga...but more fun

A fun night was had by all!  The only question that remains is....when can we do it again?