Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Village Trip

In my experience being a part of the children’s program, I had the opportunity to teach at Ban Luk Sip village. There were about 40 kids there at the village on Saturday, with three volunteers. At first I was feeling very, very nervous about teaching a class on my own... however that feeling soon left as I met and started teaching the students.

The students in my class were very enthusiastic and excited to participate in class activities. Yet at times students tended to walk out of class! With the class, I played race type activities which the students seemed to enjoy greatly.   But it can get very chaotic and loud at times.

After the class was over, students had some time to play games and do puzzles. At this time we had the chance to talk, sit and play with the students from the village.  This experience was something to remember. It was one of the opportunities from my time in this program, to experience such a wonderful, exciting and fun time teaching!