Friday, November 23, 2012

November 2012 Monthly Achievement Report

15th November 2012

Luang Prabang, LAOS

A Month of Whiteboards, Water, Wheelbarrows and Cement.
October 2012 was the month when part of the Charitable Trust Challenge money raised was given as donations to several of the temples where GVI volunteers teach English. A total of £2824 was raised during September by the volunteers who participated in the challenge of giving alms to Monks and Novices for 5 consecutive early mornings.

One of the temples that was a recipient of $1000 was Wat Pha-O. This temple is outside Luang Prabang in a rural environment. It is a large and important temple that is home to over 270 Novices. GVI volunteers teach all the English classes there, 5 days/week, 2 hours/day. The donation was presented to Monk Ongeo, the Abbot of the temple. Monk Ongeo stated that this donation would be put to the use of digging a bore to access water. The photos show Monk Ongeo with the donation and the work that has already commenced in digging the bore.

Other smaller donations included whiteboards for 2 other temples – Wat Na Luang and Wat Mano, and a third whiteboard was given to one of our Lao teaching partners, Mr Nii who conducts English classes in his home village in a traditional Hmong house.

A further donation was given to one of our favourite tempes, Wat Pasa Viet, for the purchase of a wheelbarrow and cement for the Novices to firstly make the bricks and secondly build a fence on a section of the temple’s property.

The remainder of the Charitable Trust Challenge money will be held in reserve for future needs of sponsorships and scholarships to students and general support for the temples. Sincere thanks to all the volunteers, friends and families that donated to our Charitable Trust Challenge. Your money is doing good work to benefit others.