Thursday, December 27, 2012

Monthly Achievement Report 2012

15th December 2012

Luang Prabang, LAOS
         Lesson Planning and Resource Room         
GVI Laos wishes to acknowledge and praise the professionalism and team work that GVI volunteers have shown towards their lesson planning – a vital ingredient for successful teaching and learning in the classrooms. GVI volunteers over the month of November have delivered 814 hours of teaching across 7 sites. For every hour of teaching there is commonly double the time spent on lesson planning. Throughout November, GVI volunteers involved in the Laos teaching projects put in a total of approximately  15-20 hours/week/person in planning for their lessons. They are supported and supervised by GVI staff who put in an average of 20-25 hours/week each in delivering training and lesson planning support.

An effective practice implemented by GVI staff is to assign each volunteer a dedicated staff mentor from whom they receive lesson planning support. On a daily basis, staff work closely with each volunteer helping them on varying levels to prepare an effective lesson plan. Each volunteer is required to check in with their staff mentor to have their lesson plan approved. TEFL Training delivered to new volunteers on their 1st Monday is dedicated solely to lesson planning. In this training, volunteers work through the steps of designing a sequential lesson plan.

 Lesson planning is complemented by the comprehensive supply of TEFL resources that have been built up by GVI Laos. We are fortunate to have a resource room at Xayadeth College, one of the schools where volunteers work. The resource room is well stocked with a wide range of teaching resources and is probably one of the most comprehensive libraries for TEFL resources in Luang Prabang. As a response to volunteer feedback for more effective organization of the resources, many hours have been spent by staff and volunteers in organizing these resources for easy access. Resources have been catalogued, culled and labeled.   Shelves have been dusted, stocked and arranged. To date, the Resource Room is the best that it has ever looked.