Monday, March 22, 2010

Volunteer Donations

Aside from the invaluable contributions volunteers make in the classrooms here in Luang Prabang, their financial contribiutions to the program have also made the following donations possible:

  • 12 month rental of English textbooks for all students in levels 2-5 at the Monk School
  • Purchase of new chairs for MEC (Mekhong English Centre)
  • Purchase of new tables for MEC
  • Purchase of 90 textbooks for ethnic school in Numbuk
  • Purchase of whiteboard, pens and Dhaner textbooks for the Monk School
  • Purchase of water-cooler for the Primary Novice Monk School
  • Installation of lights at the Wat Mano Primary School
  • Vision assessment and purchase of glasses for four novice monks
  • Donation of a data projector to MEC - originally donated to GVI by Matt Schultz, a former volunteer
  • Repairs to furniture carried out at the Primary Novice Monk School by volunteers
  • Weekly salary paid to local Lao teaching assistant
  • Donation of 3,500,000 Kip worth of school supplies to the Monk School for the next academic year, commencing July 2010.

This blog will be updated as new donations are made so keep an eye on it!