Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekend Tutoring at the Monk School

Thanks to the fabulous initiative of GVI volunteers Ron and Amy, weekend tutoring sessions are now being held every Saturday and Sunday at the Monk School.

These collaborative classes are purely optional, with the students attending on a volunteer basis for the chance to revise the English they have learnt in class during the week, practice areas in which they want to improve, and work with GVI volunteers in small groups.

After volunteering at the Monk School for a few weeks, Amy identified a need for some of the novice monks to have more practice. She then set about delivering tutoring sessions in the grounds of the monk school on the weekends, not knowing at first how many (if any!) students would show up. After all, how many kids can you think of in your home country who would voluntarily come to school on the weekend?!

However, due to an overwhelmingly positive response from the students, these classes have now become a permanent fixture, with the school's directors having recently approved weekend access to one of the classrooms, and additional volunteers jumping on board to help. As female volunteers are not permitted to teach the novices withour a male colleague being present, it's vital that we have at least one male volunteer at each of the tutoring sessions to keep the initiative rolling.

These tutoring sessions are a great example of the wonderful contribution GVI volunteers can make to the students here in Luang Prabang.

Huge thanks and hats off to Amy and Ron, and all the volunteers who have dedicated themselves to making these weekend sessions such a resounding success!