Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Special projects at MEC

Recently, GVI volunteers have started 'project' work with the students from MEC. Volunteer Guy, built a petanque pitch with the students, and Brooke, Svenja and Becky have begun working with the students to make games that will help build vocabulary. The students and volunteers work together to make cards for games of Memory, and love to play in between classes. This has been a great way of getting the kids speaking English in a fun, collaborative environment.

New volunteers to the project have a huge amount of scope when it comes to the project work, and it's a great opportunity to bring your own special skills to Luang Prabang for the advantage of the students, and a wonderful way to get to know them outside of the classroom.

Maybe you're a photographer, artist, writer or even an avid cook or gardener....think of ways to use your knowledge to get the students at MEC involved in a special project that you'll manage throughout your time on the project! It'll make the experience richer for both you, and the students.