Saturday, October 16, 2010 event

On 10/10/10 GVI Volunteers and friends took part in the event. It was 9 o'clock on a very hot morning when 6 volunteers and 3 friends arrived on the bank of the Mekong in Luang Prabang.
Armed with plenty of big rubbish bags, rubber gloves, (which didn't last long!) assorted wooden poles fitted out with nails and a big 350 poster, we started to clear rubbish on both sides of the long flight of steps from the road to the boat landing stage.
The sweat didn't just run down our backs, but dripped off our eyebrows and even the end of our noses! But lots of local people watched with amusement and increasing interest, and even began to help us carry up the full bags!
After a solid couple of hours, the area looked so much better that it certainly felt well worth the effort. Great morning had by all!