Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello! Meet Sam

I’m the new Aussie on the block! I travelled through South East Asia for 4 months in 2004/05 and simply loved Laos for its warm, kind, smiling people, beautiful scenery and the sleepy pace of life. Easy does it, no worries....Baw pen nyang! It takes some getting used to but is a dose of exactly what most of us need in our hectic lives.

I come to GVI with a mixed background of Travel & Tourism, English Teaching (ESL/TEFL) and Training, Drama & the Arts, Administration and Management, and many things in between.

Lucky to have travelled to over 50 countries worldwide and lived abroad three times, I hope my experience will help new volunteers settle in to life in a totally new environment and culture which is likely to be very different from home, and not always immediately comfortable!

I’ve also had the opportunity to teach English to non-native speaking children and adults in Japan, England, Bulgaria and Australia as well as through my travels. I have a TEFL certification and am also a qualified Trainer, so combined with the skills and expertise of both Tricia and Greg, we’ll ensure your volunteering experience enhances your life and, importantly, is extremely beneficial for the monks, novices, students and kids of Luang Prabang. Welcome to GVI Laos!