Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Doin' it for the kids!

As we draw nearer to the start date for the new project in Laos, Teaching Children, Sam and Tricia are finalising the timetable details, settling into the schools and working out how to maximise the benefit for the students and the volunteers alike.
Sam spent the week at a few schools testing the waters and teaching with the local Lao teachers to get a feel for the students and the material in preparation for our first arrivals on 3rd June. She visited the littlies at Sikeud where the children’s ages range from 5 – 15 years and also Wat Pasaviet with novice monks from about 10 – 15 years old. Especially Wat Pasaviet has a need for further classroom space and more classes as the novices are so keen to learn, and the level of English (and education generally) varies greatly. GVI has already been responsible for setting up the classroom with desks and chairs for the novices. We hope to continue our work there. See how you can help at the GVI Charitable Trust
Both experiences were so special and the Field Team here in Luang Prabang are confident that our Teaching Children volunteers will love what’s in store for them! It will be both rewarding and so much fun, and offer an insight into the Laos culture through the eyes of its future leaders. For lovers of kids the world over, they’ll get a buzz from working with these comparatively polite and well-behaved children who have a genuine and strong interest in learning and studying English. And they’re just so adorable!
Also shortly gearing up in time for the program start date is the kids’ summer school at Xayadeth College. Mr Peang, the school’s director, runs this annual school to offer further study opportunities to younger students in the community who go on holidays from their government schools over the June – August period. We are all really looking forward to assisting Mr Paeng and the teachers at Xayadeth with their work.

So with only 2 weeks to go till it all gets underway, can you think of a better way to spend between 2 weeks and 6 months? I think not!!