Friday, May 20, 2011

So long and thanks for all the...

Two weeks have come and gone with Sam and Greg in Laos along with their first batch of eager volunteers. Saying farewell to two of the 4 was a little sad of course but with promises to keep in touch and maybe even come back to Luang Prabang, we could all say farewell with a happy smile.

Alex and Jia both commented that their two weeks was too short and they’d love to stay on, if only....a lesson for their next time with GVI!

Alex had the opportunity to meet the abbot at Wat Pasaviet on her last evening at the novice school. As per custom, Alex and Christina were required to perform prostrations upon meeting. They chatted and as Alex had spent a full two weeks at the school she was warmly gifted with a bracelet and a blessing, which was very special.

One of the novice monks also gave Alex a bracelet and left her a note, secreted away (so he wouldn’t be embarrassed!) expressing his gratitude for her kindness. Naturally, it melted our hearts and made for a great token of her time here in Laos.

All 3 volunteers who have just finished their project stints commented that they really valued their experiences, and felt like they’d got so much more out of their time than a mere ‘tourist’ would experience!

Some sage advice was left for future volunteers.... “Make a fool of yourself” and “Open your eyes, open your heart and ....”

So farewell Alex, Jia and Lisa! Thank you so much for your valuable contributions. We’ll miss you!