Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And so it begins...high season kicks off!

It’s October....that must mean the start of the high season!  Tourists are starting to arrive in Luang Prabang enmasse.  The famous Night Market has grown, and all manner of handicrafts, textiles, silver, woodcraft, bags, knick knacks etc are beautifully displayed by stall holders each night in the main street and stretching further and further along the road with each evening.  Restaurants are filling and guest houses are finding themselves with more enquiry than rooms!

But here at GVI things are going along the same as always.  As most of our students are not directly involved in the tourism industry their lives carry on through the high season much the same.  Students across Luang Prabang are mostly all back at school /college and into the new school year.  Novices and Monks carry on as usual with their daily rituals and study, however as the weather cools and the rain eases off we’ll see a little more rugging up! 
There have been a few changes this school year for GVI, in most cases affected by the upcoming Laos Games to be held in Luang Prabang later this year, but also our increasing involvement in certain colleges.  For example, at Xayadeth College GVI will take an active part in assessment and exams and have also been welcomed into the school’s permanent program with the school’s Director offering GVI Volunteers their own classes 10 times weekly!  It will keep everyone busy with lesson planning, resource development and teaching but is indicative of the strong community relationship GVI has with our partner schools in Laos and we’re grateful for the opportunity to teach so many students on a regular basis.
So whilst the tourists come and go and enjoy Luang Prabang’s incredible and intoxicating vibe, GVI volunteers get all that and more....the unique opportunity to step into the hearts and minds of the locals everyday and make a real difference to their lives through education and cultural exchange.  How blessed we are! 
If you’re thinking of a holiday with a difference – a working holiday which will more than scratch the surface of an amazing destination, visit GVI for the lowdown on the project and come and join us for an unforgettable and profound experience!