Sunday, October 30, 2011

Teaching English in Laos for two weeks – gaining memories for a lifetime!

by Regina, 22 years, Germany

A challenge becomes a pleasure

Of course it is not that easy to stand in front of the classroom and teach a language that is not your mother tongue. The first time to prepare and teach the lessons make you feel tired and exhausted! But at the same time it is so much fun, a great challenge and a chance to grow!

The new puppies at Xayadeth make it difficult to lesson plan but sooooo cute!
The first days of teaching started with an insecure feeling. “Will I do a good job? Will the students get it and enjoy the lesson? Will everything be fine?”
The answer is: As long as you do your best and try really hard to do a good job, you definitely will! The more lessons you are teaching and preparing, the more confident you become and the more fun it is. 

Being a good teacher means to GIVE. But at the same time you GET a lot of things. Being needed, helping underprivileged children, having a positive impact on the people’s education is just gorgeous and GIVES you a good feeling and you feel pleased .
Although the teaching part was a lot of fun and filled most of my time in Laos, there are very many other things to do and discover! Well, you can stay in your room, have a rest and sleep in your free time… But you definitely shouldn't!
During my free time I had the chance to explore the great and charming city of Luang Prabang….it’s colourful night market or its peaceful temples (there are plenty of them!!!). Giving alms to the monks in the early morning, listening to the monk’s chanting or just entering a temple to enjoy the quiet and peaceful atmosphere were very special and unique experiences.  
A view over the Nam Khan River

Giving alms at dawn

I will never forget the beautiful scenery and amazing landscape in front of my eyes while I was riding my bike along the Mekong and around town. I will never forget the trips to the gorgeous Kuang Xi Waterfall and to the Ban Lak Sip Primary School out of Luang Prabang, an extra excursion organised by GVI staff. I will never forget the friendly and helpful local people. And I will never forget that I had the chance to discover a country’s culture that it so different to that of my country.  Those are memories that will stay for a lifetime…
Novices go about their day, on their way to school or back to the temple

Coming to Laos and teaching a foreign language was a challenge. But I am glad that I accepted and grew by doing it…