Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Emperor’s New Clothes

OK, so actually it’s new robes for the Novices at Wat Pasaviet, but it was a catchy blog name! 

GVI played Santa Claus on Boxing Day to the 40 or so Novices at Wat Pasaviet – a temple school we teach 4 classes at 5 nights a week.  With the onset of the cool season (well, downright freezing some mornings), Novices – restricted to wearing their saffron, one shouldered robes – find the cold a little too much to bear.  Some Novices especially come from poor rural families and have just one set of robes – difficult enough to keep clean let alone warm! 
So the day after Christmas the GVI staff headed to the temple once the robes had arrived on order from Vientiane and presented them to the students.  Of course they were gratefully received and Novices chanted for us in thanks....very special. 

So now all they need are orange beanies and gloves, and they may be able to stave off the low temperatures this season!