Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Keep 'em coming!

Last week a donation page was set up on Just Giving – a website dedicated to collecting money for fundraisers – for the Laos Charitable Trust Challenge. 

Heading out at dawn for alms - photo credit Edward Khoo
If you don’t know about it, we’re giving alms for 5 days (teaching days) along with the locals in order to inspire YOU, and others who support our work in Luang Prabang, to reach into their pockets – or credit card limits! – and DONATE! 

So far there has been an admirable response, mostly from past GVI volunteers, along with friends of Field Staff and the Regional Director of GVI.  We’ve managed to raise 305GBP (or about $500USD) across just 9 donations, representing 6% of our whopping 5000GBP target!  A great effort to get us kick-started but....well, it’s a long way to August 20th!  A HUGE thank you to those who've so kindly donated already.  You're stars.  

If you’re keen to support incountry volunteers and staff in this challenge to invest in the community of Luang Prabang and surrounds, head to

Alms bowls at Pak Ou temple

You can also do us the favour of spreading the word – share this link or the original blog post – or tell your family, friends and colleagues.  We need as much help as we can get :)