Saturday, May 12, 2012

A rousing success

Teachers work on planning a practice activity
GVI are very proud to have run our second training for our Lao teaching partners today, providing them with some new, different, modern TEFL skills (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).  GVI Laos staffer, Sam, wrote the training and ran it with 12 local teachers at the Art House Cafe, complete with training notes, teaching resources, ice tea and biscuits! 

Participants got full training kits to help
The training went for 2 hours but the teachers, representing 5 of our schools, noted on their feedback forms it was too short!  There is a real thirst for more skills and knowledge to improve their teaching.  So the challenge has been set – a full training day is already in planning. 

Participants were asked to complete a feedback form on the training; some comments included ‘Very interesting’, 'It was exciting’, ‘It’s very useful to improve my skills’, ‘Excellent’, ‘Brilliant’, ‘Necessary’, and even ‘Proud to join’.  Teachers enjoyed the theory and practical exercises alike, along with the information, activity suggestions and tips. 

Busy attending to the task of planning
GVI are happy to scratch this one up as a definite success!  Looking forward to doing it all again. 

Thank you to our dedicated Lao teaching partners, and to Art House Cafe for the use of their meeting room.