Thursday, June 21, 2012

Getting ‘in-shape’ for the August Challenge event

The time is approaching for the GVI Laos Charitable Trust Challenge.... so we’ve gotta get ‘in shape’!  Some ‘challenges’ have participants climb mountains, others do fun runs, but in Laos we decided to strike a cultural chord and give alms to Buddhist monks and novices 5 days in a row.  Early starts followed by a day of work is a challenge!! 

August 20 -24th sees volunteers and staff take up the challenge.  To help us ‘train’ for this Challenge Event Field Staff are hosting a mass GVI falang (foreigner) volunteer alms-giving extravaganza! 

Anyone in Laos at the time are welcome (tell anyone and everyone you know!)....but in the spirit of the event there is a donation to make to the Charitable Trust Challenge fundraiser of 100,000kip – just a tenner!  (Approx $12USD or even less in GB Pounds). 

We hope by having the extravanganza – set for Friday 29th June – that we’ll raise awareness for the challenge and kick start more donations as we saw at the opening of the Just Giving challenge website.