Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Monthly Achievement Report for February 2013

15th March 2013
Luang Prabang, LAOS
Teaching at Wat Na Xang 
GVI English classes began at Wat Na Xang, a small temple on the outskirts of Luang Prabang city, 2 years ago this February. This Monthly Achievement Report acknowledges the commitment by GVI volunteers and staff over this time.

Two years ago English classes for the 9 Novices that lived at the temple were commenced under the tutelage of Novice Vonesay, a Novice of 18 years of age. He recognized the need for the younger Novices to have further opportunities to learn English. Shortly after starting, Novice Vonesay approached GVI Staff asking if volunteers could work with him.

Within the first couple of months, the classes grew from 1 Novice class to include another class for the children of the Na Xang village. As time passed on, the classes increased in numbers and necessitated a move to the village hall where to date, 4 classes are held over 2 hours for 5 nights per week. Our classes comprise of a pre-school aged group, a Primary School aged group and 2 Novice classes – beginners and elementary. As is customary, word gets around the community and 4 Novices from other outlying temples are regular attendees – no matter that they have to walk several kilometres to and from class. Commonly, volunteers will have parents of their students listening from outside the hall to the English being taught. Perhaps one day, GVI will offer English classes to the adults of Na Xang Village.

A proud achievement by the team of volunteers who recently taught at Na Xang were the oral presentations presented by the 2 Novice classes. Teachers Jackie, Sam and Sheila had their students well-prepared to deliver their talks on “All About Me” confidently and in beautifully clear English. The presentations were attended by the founder of the classes, now MONK Vonesay who smiled broadly throughout – obviously very pleased with his Novices. The audience of Novices showed their support, enjoyment and excitement, not in the usual manner of clapping hands which is not allowed, but by waving their hands and calling out “Good job”, and “Well done”, as each speaker finished their talk. The GVI volunteers glowed with pride over their students’ achievements.

To all the 93 volunteers that have taught and cared for the children of Na Xang – Novices and lay – a big bouquet of roses to you. The seeds that you’ve all helped plant are bearing fruit.