Saturday, January 30, 2010

A day of soccer and celebrating with local teachers.

On the 31 December last year we were invited by two of the locals teachers, who we help out, to attend the local sports day where they take on another school at a variety of sports and then have a party and eat togther afterwards. I was invited to play on the teacher's soccer team, and the girls (Hayley and Anneka) played patonk which is a very popular game in Laos.

After the games of soccer were over we all sat down for lunch and drinks. The Lao people are very generous and will share everything they have. The lunch they provided were was excellant, though the girls didn't eat much of the fish head soup!

After lunch we danced to local music all afternoon and played more patonk. Overall we had a great day, and enjoyed the hospitality of the local teachers as well as their local food.