Monday, January 18, 2010

Elephant Village

The Mahout Experience!

I went with Abbie and Hannah, two of my fellow volunteers to spend the most wonderful day at the Elephant Village on the Mahout Experience. Mahout means elephant 'driver' or 'keeper'.

After the initial elephant trek, we learnt how to basically 'drive' our own elephant as they say!

We then had great fun down in the river for bath time. This was very refreshing for us and the elephants in the hot midday sun. Just make sure you don't wear your best clothes for this day out!

After getting drenched at bath time in the river, we had a tasty buffet lunch at the scenic restaurant on site, followed by a leisurely boat ride to the beautiful multi-tiered, limestone cascades of Tad Sae, where we had fun jumping in and enjoying an energising, refreshing swim.

Another perfect day in sunny Luang Prabang.