Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What a birthday to remember!

Happy Birthday Andrea :)
Here at GVI Laos we have the privilege to help many people celebrate their birthdays whilst they’re volunteers on the programs.  It’s always to see the bookings where someone’s birthday coincides with their time in country. 

Oooh!  Two cakes! 
Most recently we celebrated Andrea’s birthday.  Volunteers get very close while working together and Andrea was fortunate to have her fellow volunteer Stacey ready everything for her.  We all went off to dinner at The House Restaurant where we enjoyed western meals a little more pricey than usual for the special occasion, some wine and beers between us, followed up by a delicious Black Forest cake from Joma.  We gave presents and sang a couple of rounds of happy birthday!  It was a fun night enjoyed by all.

Chris gets a surprise cake from his class
Well, not exactly"happy birthday to you" but pretty cool to be chanted to!
Other volunteers have been spoilt with cakes from their classes, surprised with chanting and blessings from novices, birthdays coinciding with the gorgeous Buddhist Lantern Festival (Boun Ock Phansaa) and a 50th birthday spent at an elephant camp training as a mahout for the weekend!  It’s certainly something different and memorable to be doing for your birthday.  I’d recommend it to anyone!