Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Charitable Trust Donations

In August of this year we held our first Charitable Trust Challenge where volunteers and staff had to give alms for 5 days in a row at 5am! This beautiful ritual is called Tak Bat and is a daily part of life for Buddhist novices and monks. Women dress up in the traditional skirt, a sin, and drape a scarf around their left shoulder. Women must kneel on mats while men can stand. We dropped biscuits and rice into the novice's bowls while they walked by barefoot and dressed in orange robes. For more information on our Charitable Trust Challenge check out this site-

We raised 2825.50 GBP and have now started to donate this money to some of the temples we teach at. We have donated money to Wat Pasaviet for the novices to make their own bricks and build a fence around the temple. We have also donated a substantial amount of money to Wat Pha-O for the novices and monks to dig for water out at their beautiful temple.
Thank you to everyone who donated to this wonderful cause!