Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Teaching with Novices

Written by intern Vicente who is from Mexico and on the project for 12 weeks!

Teaching with novices is very different than probably any kind of teaching around the world. Maybe it's because of their philosophy of life or maybe it's just because of their eagerness to learn. But whatever the reason may be, it makes teaching novices the most fulfilling experience I’ve ever had. On my first day of teaching at the temple I felt very nervous. I had no teaching experience whatsoever and I was just thinking how difficult it could be to keep a group in control. Surprisingly all of the students in the classroom were very focused and cooperative during the lesson. This made me realize how hungry the novices are for knowledge. Of course this made me very motivated to help them achieve whatever their dreams may be. Even though there are some days when you feel stressed and lost in your teaching, it is all worth it when at the end of your week you get to see that all of those long hours of lesson planning have paid off.