Monday, October 15, 2012

September 2012 Monthly Achievement Report

15 September 2012: Luang Prabang Hub
GVI Laos acknowledges the last training session for volunteers delivered by Sam Kurikawa – GVI Staff.
For 16 months GVI Laos has been delivering a 5 hour TEFL Training Program in the first week of new volunteers on the teaching English projects under the facilitation by Sam Kurikawa – GVI Staff. Sam delivered her last training session in her final week with GVI.

The TEFL Training Program written by Sam, is comprised of 3 Input Sessions. Session1 is delivered on Sunday evenings for 1.5 hours and focuses on easing anxieties volunteers may have at the thought of teaching English as a foreign language and as a broad introduction to teaching English in Laos.

Session 2 follows a demonstration lesson delivered by a GVI Staff Member on Monday morning. This session has the practical and theoretical components of Lesson Planning – an important skill in delivering effective lessons to our students. Session 3 is titled “Boost Your Teaching!” This session aims at developing additional skills for GVI volunteers – using text in a TEFL classroom, effectiveness of gestures in aiding memory, adapting course books, error correction, looking at student abilities, classroom management, using games and activities and top tips to making the classroom experience fun and effective.

GVI Laos has delivered this training every fortnight for the past 16 months to all new volunteers – well over 100 volunteers have received the benefit of this training to enhance their participation and skills whilst working with Lao students. A huge thank you to Sam Kurikawa for her professional approach to both the construction and the delivery of this training.