Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Holidays to everyone all around the world!!


This will be our last Blogspot post but please stay tuned in early 2014 for our brand new blog site.


We had a fantastic year in 2013. Here are some of our highlights:
- Volunteers and staff traveled to Xieng Khouang Province with over 100 college students to tour the famous Plain of Jars

- We raised 3640USD in our annual Charitable Trust Challenge when GVI staff and volunteers woke up at 5am 5 days in a row to give alms to Buddhist monks and novices

- We started an Arts and Childcare project where we have taught arts through English to over 50 Lao children

- Our construction volunteers completed many projects around the community- at temples, The School for the Deaf, Xayadeth College and  My Library


Thanks to all our supporters of 2013.